A Cross-Chain, Multi-Use Decentralized Mega-App

Analyze, Advertise, Acquire, Create, Compete, Exchange, Earn, Farm, Game, Hold, List, Launch, Mint, Promote, Save, Secure, Snipe, Stake, Win & more without moving 1 INCH

Powered by a Revolutionary Smart Contract Technology, DexBerry provides a Fast, Secured , Easy-to-Use, Mega- application (Patent pending) for DeFi systems, NFTs, Virtual reality tools, and more, all in one place.

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Welcome to DexBerry, a next-generation decentralized ecosystem  Application based on the  Binance smart chain. We  provide simplified DEFI systems, tools and a wide range of blockchain assets acquisition solutions so that our users can Chill to the moon
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Benefits & Features

Some of the main benefits and features of our ecosystem as seen on our  V1-Whitepaper are listed below. We will continually review & update our features list based on the community’s preference. 

Analyse Live Charts

See trends, analyse, DYOR and make informed investments

Easy -to-use & Accessible Design

Navigate through Mega-app features with ease.

Instant Buy/Sell with Limit & Stop Order

Buy & Swap multichain  coins fast. We will set the stage for chilling trades.

Token Explorer

Find your favourite tokens and some marketcap information.

Token Sniper bot

Hold 2BNB worth of DEXBY for access to snipe newly launched coins from our cloud server.

Launch & Lock Assets

Users can Manage; launch & lock assets here with ease

Trade NFTS and Enter for Competitions

Enjoy lowest minting and transaction fees. Sell on platform with huge traffic of investors

Token-drop email alerts

Hold 2BNB worth of DEXBY and be first to know about tokens as they launch on major DEXs.

Save Money with low rates

Chose trade options from our DEX Aggregator


App Features

A look at some of the App features 

Charts & Analytics

Multi-use Dashboard. First of its kind in the Blockchain Industry. Designed for  a more robust and user -friendly outlook. Includes a Token Explorer, Transaction tracker, Portfolio tracker, Instant Buy and Sell or Swap of assets utilizing a secure protocol at little to no fees. Adverts,  Promotions ,Real-time Market-updates, News updates & more..

DEX Aggregator with P2P Options

Our Multi-feature Decentralized Exchange Aggregator will use our own secured API to find to present users the best prices of coins from key Decentralized Exchanges. Different payment options available including P2P. Users will connect wallet to swap tokens across different chains and have the option to trade on our advanced trading dashboard with limit and stop order functions.

DexBerry NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace with Virtual Reality Tools

First of its kind in the Blockchain Industry, We are proposing to build a digital assets marketplace for co-operate organizations to compete in minting and selling their digital assets which include 3D gaming Avatars with inter-gaming project utility. The competition will be based on specifications which will be revealed in time. At the moment we are in the process of commencing collaborations and our progress will unfold. Designs may differ to include more features.


We will be developing from scratch, a secure smart contract based dapp for Developers to Launch, Raise investment funds, Lock and Distribute tokens as required . Designs will be improved to display a greater user interface. To add value to our users’ efforts, we will support with limited and timed promotions.

DexBerry Launchpad
DexBery AMA Channel

AMA Channel & Online Magazine

We will be commencing our Crypto-media channel to facilitate Ask-Me-Anything sessions and project updates. All participating projects will answer same set of questions in addition to queries of holders and potential investors. We will later transcribe and publish interviews. In no time, we will introduce our own online magazine


Road Map

See where we’re at and what we hope to achieve.  Items listed on the roadmap will be continually reviewed and updated based on community preferences.

4TH Q 2021-1ST QUATER 2022
1ST - 2ND QUATER 2022
2ND - 4TH QUATER 2022
  • Ideation & Team Building
  • Token Creation
  • Whitepaper
  • Presales
  • AMA Channel Launch
  • Launch on Pancakeswap
  • Listing on  Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Partnerships and Collaborations
  • CERTIK  Audit application
  • Multi-chain Charts and Analytics with Token explorer and transaction tracker
  • Governance
  • Review
  • CERTIK Audit completion
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Staking and pools
  • Ideas workshop
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator
  • Listing on CEX
  • NFTs and Virtual gaming assets + Wine Project
  • MORE....

Token Allocation


Token Supply: 2500000000


Public Presale -
250 Million


Public Launch - 625 Million


Marketing -
125 Million


Team & Development


Liquidity- 1.375 Billion

Public Presale :  0.008 USD  = 1 DEXBY  

Hold 2 BNB worth of tokens to enjoy unlimited access to all the features of DexBerry


Our Team

We have put together an amazing team of professionals which includes some superheroes working behind the scenes.

Dexberry Purple favicon design


Founder & Business Developer

Dexberry Purple favicon design


User Interface, UI/UX & Expert

Dexberry Purple favicon design


Chief Technical Officer, Certified Blockchain Dev.

Dexberry Purple favicon design


Certified Blockchain Developer

Dexberry Purple favicon design


Advisor, Certified Blockchain Dev. LOOP

Dexberry Purple favicon design


Advisor, Dev Contributor Safemoon

Dexberry Purple favicon design


Marketing and Project Promotion Partner

Dexberry Purple favicon design


Website Developer, WordPress Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a Cross-Chain, Multi-use Decentralized Ecosystem project of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) systems, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and more.  See Whitepaper

The DEXBY is the officially verified token for the DexBerry project. The only recognized smart contract is 0x1D01D0B1A7B86f0DC2162b374ea52663E43E1750

The DexBerry Network,  is a registered business in Ontario, Canada. Registration Number: 311319362


Absolutely, the DexBerry team will occasionally hold AMA sessions within it’s communities. We also plan to premier our AMA Channel on a chosen social platform.

DexBerry is a  rugproof-community-based ecosystem that works to provide fast, easy-to-use  and efficient DeFi tools. Our founder and project team value honesty, trust and transparency. 

Presale updates will be available on our website. Also,  the DEXBY can be bought on Pancake when launched.

We are constantly looking out for Developers, Marketers and Administrators to join our team. Kindly reach out to us to discuss your experience and skills.

Contact Us

We will be really glad to hear from you. 

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