Dexberry Network :

Welcome to the DexBerry Network, a business registered to provide technological advancements in the area of digital assets acquisition, internet computer, software applications, and more. The DexBerry Network is registered in the province of Ontario, Canada and it is founded on basic principles of Knowledge and trust.

Introducing DexBerry :

Our premier project, the DexBerry is a next-generation decentralized ecosystem based on the Binance Smart Chain. DexBerry will provide a simplified yet sophisticated Application for DEFI systems, one with unique trading tools and a wide range of digital assets technological solutions which include NFTs and more. The Dexberry proposes an all-in-one, user-friendly application with great potentials for helping users trade at ease so that they can “Chill to the moon”

Our Vision :

The Vision of DexBerry is to be the №1 provider of a range of easy- to-use, secure, assessible and low-cost decentralized finance system, tools and assets Marketplace, all built in one application.

Our Mission :

The Mission of DexBerry is to leverage ever-evolving blockchain technologies to provide users with an application that supports easy access to cross-chain liquidity and tools for fast, easy, and secure trading of digital assets without moving from one project features to another.

Our Community & Value Proposition :

Being a community-powered blockchain-based ecosystem, the DexBerry team will engage and ensure fair, active and transparent governance. We will continue to upscale and put forward suitable use cases.

The DEXBY is the native token of the DexBerry ecosystem and will be used within to facilitate and unlock premium functions that make us unique. Based on tokenomics elaborated on our V1 Whitepaper, holders of our token will automatically see an increase in their stakes and investments. We also hope to reward holders and investors with increasing profits through our token appreciation programs. In addition to the appreciation strategy of the DexBerry project as seen on V1-whitepaper, 10% of all profits realized from all the project’s streams will be used to buy back and burn tokens. We believe this will preserve and increase the value of the DEXBY.

DexBerry Features :

Although they work together, each feature of the DexBerry can stand alone thus giving users the benefit of choice. Some of the significant features of DexBerry include:

More technological features to be unveiled.   For further details, visit our Homepage@

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